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April 17, 2019

We see the mark barrier breached once more courtesy of an overclocked XP The board also has a fail-safe booting mechanism. We know that many of our readers are interested in SETI. Benchmarks were run 3 times consecutively and an average score was taken. Perhaps we’re being a bit over-critical, but we’ve seen some truly excellent motherboards come through the door recently.

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A7VE | ASUS Global

One thing to take away from this test is the impressive performance all-round. Z7v266 mentioned that the Asus seems to over-supply voltage at any given setting.

We’ve not seen this before, presumably it ensures compatibility with the different processors. The BIOS souund is fairly intuitive and reasonably easy to navigate. Out attention is immediately drawn to the number of jumpers and dip-switches on the board, something we are seeing less of these days. The scaling of the Asus at Mhz informs us of that. We weren’t surprised to see the board soldiering on even after extended abuse.

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Our trusty synthetic friend, SiSoft Sandra, leads the way. Let’s move onto another area of media encoding that has historically been heavily reliant on memory throughput, namely DVD encoding.



Vcore can be raised from 1. That’s not to say that Asus have not been busy in the retail channel, just one look at their extensive product catalogue informs you of that. We’re somewhat under-whelmed by the performance of the Asus with the stock XP.

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Strong performances all-round here. This is Asus’ interpretation of how a KTA should look and perform. What was the best tech product of ? Impressive results all-round Let’s pay a visit to page 1 of our benchmarker’s Bible and try the old favourite that is Quake 3.

Here’s a quick rundown of our test system and benchmarks used.

The very top bank of switches controls the CPU multiplier when set to jumper mode. It seems Asus’ lack of bandwidth is negatively impacting on results. I’m sure OEM system builders will be more than happy at the inclusion of this little chip, as it almost precludes the need for a true hardware solution.

The board also has a fail-safe booting mechanism. The board packaging is subtle and not completely over-the-top like some.

Let’s have a look at the specification in a little more detail. The same story unfolds here. Shifting large amounts of data from system memory to processor is the name of the game wound, Let’s see how they compare when racing to calculate Pi to 10 million decimal places.


ASUS A7V266-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A Series

Asus, like most other manufacturers, simply replaced their KT offering by substituting the more efficient KTA North bridge in place of the older KT North bridge chipset. Once again, the impression of quality is evident here.

However, even when set to jumper-free, you still have to manually change the DDR voltage by jumpers. We see the mark barrier breached once more courtesy of an overclocked XP It also sports an spund South bridge which is now ATA compliant.

We’re using Xmpeg 2. As you can see the performance-enhancing 1T command is present too. Benchmarks Our trusty synthetic friend, SiSoft Sandra, leads the way.

Here’s a quick look at our overclocking result. You receive an excellently written main instruction manual, a quick setup guide for those who simply want to fire the motherboard up with the minimum of reading, a USB 1.