December 24, 2018

Not only will you save money, but also the potential aggravation of adding and configuring the WiGig card yourself. A direct crossover connection with the server returned a steady mbps. At its best, the wireless dock can greatly unclutter a work space while reliably providing many of the same benefits as a cabled solution. Please share our article, every link counts! On the other hand, we had better luck connecting mice and keyboards to the dock. Only currently compatible with the Dell Latitude u. Two available channel options:

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Fortunately, the standard 2.

When moving the dock further away until 5 meters apart, a separate CDM run returned even lower numbers. When you buy the u along with the dock, the software is already installed, and the laptop should automatically connect with the dock. Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. Driver and firmware versions As a result, we had to resort to mirroring at a lower resolution of x pixels with the docking station on a different 4: The popular Jperf tool was used to test throughput via a mbps network.

Note that the onboard HDMI and VGA ports on the notebook itself will still be operational, so additional displays can be connected directly to the notebook even when another display is active through the wireless dock.

The technology itself is promising and the D will likely improve with future firmware and driver updates. This ultimately limits the utility of the dock as there will be conditions where the user may prefer to have the dock beside the notebook as opposed to behind it for ergonomic or other reasons. We have taken close looks at USB 3. The D’s ports include three USB 3.


Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You must be f5000 the dock to maintain a strong connection.

Review Dell Wireless Dock D5000

CDM results when connected to dock 50 cm away. When the u was connected directly to the server, Jperf recorded a steady mbps transfer rate v5000 a 20 second period. Connection, however, was just wirepess reliable nonetheless. As Dell has assured us that some of its future laptops will be compatible with the dock, and because WiGig technology has a lot of potential, we decided to review the dock separately.

If placed on the left- or right-hand side of the notebook, reliability will become much worse.

Once in a while I couldn’t get it to reconnect without a reboot. Under these conditions, we were able to move the notebook around freely so long as the rear of the unit maintained a line-of-sight connection with the dock.

Both the HDMI and DP ports on the dock support up to x at 60 Hz, which we can confirm when extending to an external monitor at said native resolution. Ultimately, users who may be considering the D should pre-plan a potential setup first and be aware of the dock’s line-of-sight requirement wieeless the rear of the notebook.

Of course, any obstruction between the two devices dok dropped the connection. This delay is standard with regards to docking stations and comparable to what we observed on both the Fujitsu and Lenovo docks.


When connected via the D dock 5 m away, connection dropped again slightly and wigeless more jitter. Please share our article, every link counts!

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Fastest Mobile Networks Both devices were detected automatically like normal and operated smoothly with no noticeable delays, onscreen hiccups or unresponsiveness. Bottom Line The Dell Wireless Dock D is rell first laptop dock to use the promising WiGig technology, and it provides convenience and extra ports to Latitude u owners. With a timer on both mirrored screens and a camera set to a fast shutter speed, we were able to capture a delay of about 30 ms between the local display and the external.

Dell Wireless Dock D Review & Rating |

JPerf via wireless dock. There is a lot to like about the WiGig dock at first glance. Dell Wireless Dock D The Best TVs of If you want the dock, though, be sure to get it when you buy the laptop.